Wednesday, March 18, 2009

29 1/2 weeks ... Busy, Busy, Busy Preparing ....

Here we are now just 10 1/2 weeks away from Baby "O" joining us. We can't wait. However, we are using every last day to get things ready. Glenn has been holed up in our basement almost every night after work and on the weekends -- the job was a little more intensive than his originally "oh, I can get it done in a couple weekends" plan: Framing out the walls, getting drywall put up, cleaning up the mess that the drywall installation created (not fun), painting, putting up trimwork, building shelves, painting, covering holes, putting up doors, more painting.. he has been working really hard. Hopefully in a couple more weeks he'll have it completed -- then he just has to move upstairs to start the nursery (but all we have to do is paint the room) and I'll get to decorate.

I've met with 2 pediatricians and really like both of them -- we just have to decide which one we want to pick. We THINK we have a day care lined up -- one with an opening at end of August/early September (bc my plan is to take 12 weeks of maternity leave). We've registered. I've been "nesting" -- as Glenn is insisting that is what I'm doing. However, I am just really doing some spring cleaning -- not sure it's nesting.

We've had a pretty crazy few weeks here with being a little halted by "unexpected" expenses and your every day life challenges that happen -- for us they seem to have happened all in one week. Bud ruptured his ACL in his hind leg and it got too bad to put off his surgery -- so in that same week of his surgery, we had to replace our heating/air conditioner unit, Glenn had a small wreck and smashed in the hood/headlight of his truck so we had to have that replaced, the heater went out in our rental house and the day Glenn went to pick up his truck from the body shop his old roommate Todd called and said the freezer/refrigerator went out (also in the rental house) so we had to buy a new fridge... yes, that was all in one week. All the while Glenn is trying to get our basement office finished -- I really did feel bad for him. But we just trudged forward and luckily planned far enough for ahead for all of it -- I guess good training for all the little "unexpected" expenses that come up with a child ;-) .. so we feel we're getting pretty good practice on that part of it.

For my birthday Glenn bought me a 4D Ultrasound package which we finally did yesterday at 29 1/2 weeks along ... we were amazed at the detail in the pics. We got to see him smile (when we told the technician what his name was). We think Baby O likes his name ;-) .. he yawned.. I just sat there totally in awe looking at the screen.
And to my belly --- it is definitely growing. I don't think I look all that different until Glenn takes the picture of me and then I see the photo -- yes, I'm definitely widening out and have the ever growing belly -- ha ha. (see pics below of the belly).... Baby O is really moving around a lot and we can see my tummy do little jumps every once in a while.
I think that's about all the updates I have for now -- we'll keep you posted!

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