Monday, February 23, 2009

Busy Weekend! (26 weeks)

Glenn and I enjoyed a busy weekend. Well, enjoyed in the fact that we are moving along in our preparations for Baby "O". The basement (soon to be office) is coming along nicely -- all the drywall is up and we're just waiting to finish that up and Glenn will get the trimwork done and the doors put up this weekend and then he'll paint and put the carpet down and we'll be able to move out of our office upstairs and get to work on decorating the nursery.

We went Saturday to register at Target and Babys R Us -- I thought after doing some good prep work with my Mom the weekend before it wouldn't take us long at all but we left the house at 2:30 and we got home and almost 8 pm. Oh my gosh, we got there and it just all converged on us and I was trying to remember what we had (socks, onesies in a couple different sizes, side snap shirts, booties, bottles, pacifiers... figuring out which diapers we wanted) ... soooo, needless to say it took us a little while. We went to Target first and we were both exhausted by the time we left there and still had to face Babys R US... we got in to the truck and both just sat there with our heads back and eyes closed before he even started the truck. I was never so tired in all of my life by the time we got home. Sunday morning I woke up and cooked us a nice breakfast and sat on the couch and went through the checklist and the registries to make sure we had the things we needed and I saw some things on there that I certainly don't remember registering for (Glenn was in charge of the scanner). There were "My Daddy Rocks" bibs, "I Love My Daddy" bibs, a Univ of Tennessee baby cap and an 18 month Tennessee tshirt (he wasn't paying attn that he had to look at the sizes) and Boudreux Butt wash. (he thought that was just funny to see on the registry). Anyway, no worries the butt wash will come off the registry and the 18 month tshirt ;-). I had to look through it bc towards the end we were both so exhausted I felt like we were just scanning random things and not really thinking it out. Come to find out I think we got what we were needing. Ha.

Well, we are getting really excited. Glenn is able to really feel Baby "O" kicking around now. And of course, I can too. He's a pretty active little guy. I got back to the doctor on Wednesday 25th where they'll take all of the bloodwork to test for gestational diabetes, etc. We scheduled a 4D Ultrasound for March 17 too.

I guess that is about all we have to report for now -- I have a 26 week belly photo that Glenn took last night. I'll get it posted tonight.

Dixie, Glenn and Baby "O"

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