Wednesday, March 18, 2009

PHOTOS!! Preparations, Belly and 4D Ultrasound

Here is my very favorite photo -- Baby "O" was smiling -- hopefully this means he's going to be a happy baby. We had just said his name out loud and we think he liked it ;-)

He was feeling just like his mommy was -- tired and yawning!

He kept putting his hands up by his face like this. So cute. He was a fidgety little guy. But these 4D ultrasounds were just amazing.

Here's my cute and handsome handy man ... he just built a little shelf on the window down in the soon to be basement office

He was finally letting me take pictures of him working -- I told him we needed to have proof to show Baby O how hard he had to work to get ready for him ... he was putting trim up around the window

This is when he was NOT wanting me to take pictures. He had been working in the basement ALLLL day and he came upstairs and was about to put the stroller together .. this was all I got "fired" off before I was told to "stop"

Belly pics -- Feb 22 -- 26 weeks!

Yep, there's definitely a baby in there -- 26 weeks

March 18 -- 29 1/2 weeks -- oh shut up! Glenn was feeling left out on the belly pics --I think he's LOSING weight and trimming up as I balloon. He definitely is not gaining any sympathy weight.

March 18 - 29 1/2 weeks -- Belly pic #2 -- he gets no more pics after this -- you'll see why below.

March 19 - 29 1/2 weeks -- just tonight -- this is me -- this is one of the times when I didn't realize just how big my belly is getting until I saw these pics

We were about to go out to dinner with some friends -- and Glenn took these of me -- then we took his belly pics -- can I say I didn't really feel like eating much at dinner after seeing my belly against HIS belly - ha ha... but I am honestly really enjoying pregnancy so far. Aside from starting to have some hip pain and stiffness I've been feeling great.

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