Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day Update

Well, we're moving along in to the pregnancy -- I'm at 25 full weeks now and everything is going well. Glenn has really gotten a lot done down in the basement. He and Dan framed up the walls where the office will go. It looks nice so far ;-) .... My Mom is here this weekend and she and I went out today to do the preshopping before the actual registering. So hopefully Glenn won't be so overwhelmed while I stand there and figure out what bottles or nipples to get. Ha ha. Mom and I had a great time at Babys R Us. We spent about an hour and half in there and I think I feel better, or at least a little more knowledgeable about what we really need. Glenn will still have to help figure out some stuff. I can't let him out of all the fun. But, while Mom and I were gone today he went to his own dream store (Lowe's) and got some more materials for building out the basement office -- and he surprised me by building a set of shelves in the new "built out" laundry room downstairs. I love having a handy man around. Plus, I love all his little surprises -- they always seem to make my anal organizing self so satisfied. He knew the mess and disorganization down there was driving me crazy. Well, ok, that's about all I have for now.. it's time for dinner. Glenn is cooking my Mom and me some of his famous lasagne!

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