Friday, January 30, 2009

Getting ready for Baby "O"

I am a little over 5 1/2 months along now (23 weeks) and so far everything is going really well. My tummy is just now really starting to "pooch" out there -- my butt grew faster than my belly so hopefully the belly will catch up so the rear view won't look so large - ha ha. Glenn and I are getting more and more excited everyday. Baby O is starting to really move around a lot more -- or at least I'm able to feel him better. He loves it when I eat bc he becomes pretty active after I eat and he gets pretty active around 7:30 - 8 pm .. of course, when Glenn and I are winding down after dinner and getting ready for bed ...

We have started to plan for the nursery. We are buying a piece of furniture here and there -- Glenn's sister Monica gave us her crib so that was nice to not have to buy. We did buy a dresser weekend before last and we shopped for a rocking chair/glider last weekend. We think we found one but we're going to wait a few weeks before we get that. Next weekend Glenn and his friend Dan are going to start building out the space in our basement for the new office bc we will be converting our current office in to the nursery.

For fun, last weekend, Glenn suggested we go to Baby's R Us just to look around -- we walked in and first thing Glenn said was "wow, this is huge." He mentioned I could start registering and then we started looking down the first aisle and he says "I'm getting a little overwhelmed." After we passed and looked at strollers, car seats, thermometers, changing pads, pacifiers, etc and then finally made it the other side of the store where the toys were (which he of course had to turn them all on and play with them) he said "we've got to get out here. I am overwhelmed. There is so much." Ha ha ha. I was a little overwhelmed myself but he was just funny. Needless to say we didn't start registering.

I have my 24 week doctor appt on MOnday -- a couple hours before I get on a plane for New York for one of my, hopefully, last business trips. I do have the ACM Awards in Las Vegas on April 5 and have a couple artists in Los Angeles on April 1 and 3 ... however, not really sure yet if I'll do that trip ...I'll be 32 weeks along and being 32 weeks along and in Las Vegas just doesn't seem really appealing. Ha Ha. So we will see about that.

It's been really fun since we found Baby O is a boy bc we have been able to plan ahead for one specific gender. I'm not sure if I'll ever get to see my baby or husband bc Glenn has so many plans for the two of them -- fishing, hiking, walking through the woods, you name it -- maybe they'll let me go on some of those adventures.

Speaking of Baby O -- many of you have asked if we have any names picked out yet -- we have actually decided to keep his name to ourselves until he's born. We'd like to have one big unveil on the big birth day and to have something for just Glenn and I until then.

That's about it for now -- I'll keep you all posted if anything new and exciting happens.

Dixie, Glenn and Baby O

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Shannon Housley Davis said...

So happy for you Dixie! Isn't it wonderful to feel them moving around inside you? Soon you will have a little one to love on too!