Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Baby "O" is a BOY!

Well, Glenn and I had our doctor appt yesterday where we had the ultrasound that told us we were having a little boy! We went in and I personally thought they'd do the ultrasound to just tell us if it was a boy or girl.. but the technician started taking all the measurements and about 50 different photos in different angles and we both were just watching in amazement at how much the baby has grown -- we could see the arms, legs, nose, eyes and everytime she tried to get a picture of one angle he kept throwing his hands over his face (so cute and funny). I said he was acting just like his father -- not wanting to have his picture made. And he was just moving all around, kicking, throwing his arms around, etc. I can't really feel all of that just yet ... mostly when I feel it is right around midnight (for my 2nd time getting up to go pee). Which I'm hoping is not his routine of being a night owl. Glenn and I would not do well with a night owl -- ha ha. Anyway, we were in there for a while and finally when she was about finished she hadn't told us what it was. Glenn asked "so, for the big question. Is it a boy or a girl?" She replied, "Well, you didn't ask?" ... I was thinking I didn't realize we were supposed to (neither of us have ever done this before). She jostled him around a bit with the wand over my belly and finally was able to get the angle we needed to see it was a little boy. She even showed us a 4-D image of the baby -- which was just amazing. It was like he was right there -- like a little doll. We went back to my doctor for the followup and she read all the ultrasound results and said everything looks good, he is growing like he should, etc. I've gained 16 pounds in 5 months -- which my doc says is a good place to be -- I think it's a 2-3 pounds over what I'm supposed to be but hey, considering I thought I'd already be at 30 pounds I think I'm doing ok.... ha.

Glenn and I both did not care at all what we were having -- and I had seriously not thought about what it would be like to have one over the other bc our focus has been on just having a healthy baby. And I have not started showing too much -- so until now it just didn't seem real. But laying there watching it on the ultrasound and seeing him move around, his little heart beating and hearing that it was a boy just brought tears to my eyes -- I now really feel like I'm pregnant and Glenn and i both have enjoyed talking about what it's going to be like with a little boy. He'll have his little fishing buddy, his hiking through the woods buddy and I'll be the most important woman in his life ;-) hee hee ... and funny thing -- all of a sudden it feels like my tummy is really rounding out and starting to stick out...

We have decided to keep our name for him a secret --- we'd like to keep something for ourselves for now and we do want to have at least one big unveiling on the big day of birth.

The DVD of "pictures" they gave us is actually the movie of the ultrasound we were watching in the office -- so Glenn is trying to figure out how to take screen shots to get an actual picture so we can post. I promise to have some belly pics up soon (to show the growth) and some of our ultrasound photos.

Dixie, Glenn and "Baby O"

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