Monday, December 29, 2008

Making It Through the Holidays

It's been a few weeks since we last posted but there's really not much new to report. We have our next Dr. appt on Jan 6 (one week away) where we'll get to find out if Baby O is a boy or girl. I'll be a few days away from 20 weeks at that point. We've had a few ppl say "oh, you don't want to be surprised??" ... Glenn says, "we are going to be surprised. On Jan 6 when we go in for our ultrasound." Ha. I'm too much of a planner not to know. Plus, Glenn is right. It will be a surprise for us on Jan. 6. I'm not sure yet if we plan to tell ppl the name -- we are thinking we do want to keep a little something a secret and for ourselves till the end.

Today I am officially 18 weeks and some change along. Surprisingly, my stomach has really "popped" yet (whatever that is supposed to look like - ha). I guess all my boot camp work has helped keep my pooch in a little longer. I'll have to thank my trainer Joe Johnson for making me work extra hard on those core/stomach excersices. It's definitely rounding out though. Glenn has been taking photos of my belly transformation but I just need to get them uploaded on here. So stay tuned. I have started to feel Baby O moving around a little bit. It's so subtle that I wonder if that is what I was feeling.. but it's a pretty cool thing.

We've had a great holiday -- Glenn and I have both been off from work since Dec 18. He went back to work today and I still have a full week off (yippeee). I go back on jan 5. However, we have been spending that time off not only visiting my family in Texas for 5 days and then back here to spend a couple days Christmas'ing with his family but we have been knee deep in searching out daycares! I had NO idea we had to start this early -- thanks to my friend Michelle Owens who recommend we start now. Good thing we did bc we are on 3 waiting lists right now. And I won't need it until August '09. There must be some sort of baby boom happening in Nashville bc almost every place we've looked there is a 9 - 12 month waiting list. But today while Glenn went back to work I focused and went to look at three daycares and then came home and called about 20. We do have some options -- so I'm a little more relieved. I think what we're probably going to do is put Baby O in to one that we found that has an opening (a private childcare provider) and then wait till we got get called up on the waiting list at one of the three churches we have our names on -- by then Baby O might be out of the infant stage where we would be more interested in some sort of structure / play through learning kind of thing AND where he/she will have some exposure to the church and faith based learning early on. I have an appt to tour another day care tomorrow and another one where Glenn and I will both go on New Year's Eve afternoon. I guess at this rate -- we should start looking at colleges to put our child in to -- all of these infant waiting lists will be ahead of us in that dept too ... ha ha.

Sunday afternoon (12/28) Glenn and I went out to look for baby furniture -- bc he's going to have to get started soon converting our office in to the nursery. I JUST started having to wear some maternity pants in the past two weeks -- it's been quite frustrating shopping for maternity clothes bc I have no idea how to shop for maternity wear. Buy it too big to grow in to?? OR do I buy what fits now... and why is all maternity clothes look like a 70 year old woman would be wearing it. Big flower print shirts, etc. So I have two pair of jeans, two shirts and then I've been wearing Glenn's jeans (which is embarrassing in itself)... what will be really embarrassing is when I grow OUT of Glenn's jeans.

Well, friends and family -- that's about all we have to report on for now. I promise to get some photos up soon. Maybe will wait for our ultrasound photo next week.

Stay tuned for the Adventures of Baby O!

Dixie and Glenn

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Grammy said...

I was excited to see my "pregnant" family over the holidays. I was treated with the "heartbeat" in real time rather than over the phone so that was exciting also. Now I can't wait to hold the little bundle. Well, keep up the posts as I do check in quite often.