Thursday, December 4, 2008

Guess what?? We're pregnant!

Glenn and I are so excited that we're able to start telling the world that we are expecting our first little miracle on June 1. I know many of you already know and we've tried to tell as many people ourselves as possible. We'd love to keep everyone updated on the progress of this exciting time with this blog. My friend Suzy Q Danylko (really her name is Suzanne) and her husband Billy live in Connecticut and are expecting their first child at the end of this month. But it has been so fun to watch and keep up with them and the changes and adventures they are going through on their blog. SO we're just ripping the idea. Ha ha.

Right now, we are 2 days away from being 15 weeks. (And I say "we" bc Glenn is not officially the one carrying the child but he is officially the one having to put up with me -- so we're a "We" in the adventures of this pregnancy). I've been very lucky so far -- was never really too terribly sick. Had a lot of nausea from about weeks 7-12 but nothing too unbearable. And really only in the morning and at night. I was INCREDIBLY tired from about 6 weeks to 13 weeks -- I told Glenn I wasn't just trying to "milk" the opportunity of being pregnant, I was a tired that I have not ever really experienced and could not even explain. But like many friends told me right at about 12 weeks I just got a burst of energy -- and have already cleaned out two closets. Ha Ha.

Glenn and I have had a few doctor appts so far -- got to see the little heartbeat on our first ultrasound at 5 weeks, saw it again at 8 weeks and then at 10 weeks we were able to hear the heartbeat. What an AMAZING sound and such a feeling of a true miracle knowing that that little heartbeat is growing inside me. Glenn rented off the internet our own Baby Doppler so we have been able to find and listen to the heartbeat on our own at home. The first time we heard it we were so excited so we called both "Grammy" (my Mom) and "MeMaw" (his Mom) and let them listen to their new grandbaby's heartbeat. So cool. Now, this doppler is not as sensitive as the one from my doctor so when we first got it, it was delivered to our house before I left for work and I was going to surprise Glenn and call him at work and just let him hear it on the phone ... well, I was only about 11 weeks and this one wasn't picking up the heartbeat -- it did pick up my heartbeat which was much slower than the baby's .. well, I wasn't aware it was mine and I panicked and thought the heartbeat was too slow so I immediately called my OB and she is so great -- she told me to come in and she found it with hers -- she said, "whenever you feel worried or just need reassurance just come in" ... we really like her. But this was on the same day as the CMA Awards-- oneof my busiest days of year -- but I didn't care -- I went straight in. Funny. Paranoia. Glenn said, "oh boy, I should never have gotten that thing." ... but now, all is good, I'm far enough along so we can hear it whenever we want.

Ok, I don't want to write a book on our first post ... but thanks to everyone who has already sent us well wishes and especially for all the prayers. They've been helping and are very much appreciated.

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