Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Final Weeks of Pregnancy - 35 weeks and 37.5 weeks

I obviously got a little behind on the posts but things got a little wild toward the end of the pregnancy trying to get things in order at home and at work ... and good thing we were on a roll of getting everything as done as possible bc as you know by now he arrived two weeks early. And what a blessing he has been so far. I wanted to post our last two sets of belly pictures -- these last weeks I really just expanded and was down to about 3 pair of pants that were even fairly comfortable (at least to be sitting at my desk at work in) ... Here is me and Collier at 35 weeks (April 28) and 37.5 weeks pregnant (May 13) .. and then he made his appearance to the world on May 19 ....

Here I am at 35 weeks pregnant (April 28) .. can you tell how much my tummy has expanded? Just you wait and see what how he grows in the next week and half!

35 weeks pregnant -- ON April 28

And just in about 2 1/2 weeks he's stilllll growing -- this is May 13 -- just 6 short days before Mr. Collier arrives.... good thing bc I'm not sure my skin would have stretched anymore ;-)

May 13 -- 37.5 weeks pregnant .... I was down to about 3 outfits that I could wear comfortably ;-)

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